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New Patient Podiatry Appointment (30min)                                         £45

Includes consultation/treatment plan

Saturday Routine Podiatry Appointment (30min)                                 £42

Nail Care, Callus, Padding/Strapping

Saturday Couple (per person)                                                              £41

Weekday Routine Podiatry Appointment (30min)                                £37

Nail C​are, Callus, Padding/Strapping

Thursday Late Night (5pm - 8pm)                                                       £42

Senior Podiatrist Weekday Appointment (30 mins)                             £42

Nail Care New Patient Assessment (20 mins)                                     £37

Nail Care (15 mins)                                                                               £27

Saturday Nail Care (15 mins)                                                               £37

This service does not include reduction of nail thickness,

ingrown/involuted nails, hard skin/corn treatments.

Pensioner Thursday * (30 mins)                                                           £33

(with selected practitioner only)

Nail Care Special * (15 mins)                                                               £24

(Tuesday & Thursday only with selected practitioner)

Verruca Appointment                                                                            £42

Includes Salycilic Acid or Sliver Nitrate 30 minute appointment

Additional Verruca Costs -

Verrucae Cryoalfa (nitrous oxide) Freezing                                       +£15

(up to 6 treatments may be required 3-4 weeks apart)

Verrutop                                                                                              +£21

Up to 6 appointments may be required 2 weeks apart.

Verrucae Needling ( under local anaesthetic) *                                 £225

( Please note you may need up to 3 sessions )

Appointment time 45-60 minutes  

Nail Surgery *

One Toe (one side)                                                                             £295

One Toe (two sides)                                                                            £320

One Toe (total nail)                                                                             £320

Two Toes (one side)                                                                           £400

Two Toes (two sides)                                                                          £430

Two Toes (total nail)                                                                            £430

Bio-mechanical Assessment                                                                £76

Appointment time 45 minutes

Shockwave Therapy - starting from *                                                   £81

Five Minute Fungal Nail                                                                       £40

(In addition to consultation fee)

Off the shelf, Orthosis

Based on Patient Needs - Price Range                                      £12 - £80

Insole Fitting                                                                                         £24

Steroid Injection *                                                                                 £76

Follow up Dressing Appointments                                                        £24

Appointment time 15 minutes ​

Prende Warm Wax Therapy                                                                 £30

Appointment time 30 minutes

Home Visit Podiatry Appointment                                                         £45

Home Visit Couples Rate                                                                     £43

* Subject to New Patient Appointment    

Price List  Updated April 2022

Please ensure you contact the clinic to confirm the latest fees

What our customers are saying

Darren works miracles - feet feel like I'm walking on clouds

Mr Thomas Jessop

The moment we walked in we were made to feel very welcome. The receptionist was pleased to see us, happy and friendly. The appointment was on time and thorough. Everything was explained to my son in detail, which was age-appropriate, he was made to feel at ease and we did not feel rushed. The care and compassion were outstanding. Highly recommend

Mrs P

Sue is very professional, efficient, and caring

Mr  Sare

Could not be without you now. Always look forward to attending and always very happy afterward. Good value for money.

Mr  Smith