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Welcome to the Corner House Foot & Health Clinic

What will happen at your first appointment?

To assess your needs and determine whether we can treat you, the podiatrist will need to:

  • ask you about your general health, any prescribed medication you are taking, and whether you are allergic to any products, particularly those coming into contact with your skin eg latex rubber, iodine. Please bring a list of your medications with you.
  • ask you about your particular foot problem. Your feet will then be examined and the circulation and sensation checked.
  • look at your footwear. Please wear or bring along your most frequently worn shoes.
  • if the Podiatrist at this stage finds that your footcare needs cannot be met by our Service he/she will explain the reason for this and advise you on the options available.

St Neots Podiatry / Chiropody Clinic.

How can you help us?

    • arrive for your appointment on time
    • remove all powder, cream and nail polish beforehand.
    • Your treatment

A treatment plan will be agreed with you which outlines what both the podiatrist and you (or your carer) need to do to treat your condition.

The podiatrist will explain exactly what your treatment will involve, for example, what instruments or equipment will be used. If protective padding or dressings are needed, you will be advised on how to look after them between visits.

It is important that you follow the podiatrist’s advice carefully. Do please ask questions if you don’t understand and tell the podiatrist if you have difficulty looking after your feet or following your treatment plan.

We want to assess and treat people without undue delay. To do this we need to make sure appointments are not wasted. If you cannot keep your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible and a new appointment will be made for you. 

Preparing for a home visit

Home visits for patients who are totally housebound. We have found that it is not easy to give a specific visiting time but we will tell you the appointment​ date and whether we plan to visit in the morning or afternoon. If the podiatrist is going to be very late we will try to let you know.

When a home visit is arranged you can help us by:

  • contacting the podiatrist if you cannot answer the door and need to make special arrangements
  • ensuring you can be treated in a well-lit room
  • providing a clean towel for the podiatrist
  • keeping pets in another room whilst you are being treated
  • ensuring the room is well ventilated at least 30 minutes before your visit is due if you smoke